21 Day Gratitude Walk Challenge

5 Quick Steps to Stay Happy

Your Mind and the Immune System

Rs. 13,00,000 in Less Than 12 Months. This is crazy!

Science Behind Positive Affirmations

The Psychology Behind Self Motivation

How Does NLP Benefit Your Career?

3 Steps to sleep like a baby

Miraculous Power of Subconscious Mind

Most of us consider that mind is something that is associated only with things such as perceptions, feelings, fantasies, sensations, and memories. The part of mind concerned with these activities is called conscious mind which is just 10% of the mind. The remaining 90% is the subconscious mind whose functions are even bigger. You can reach greater heights with the aid of the subconscious mind.

Science behind gratitude

Rationally resilient individuals trade self-pity for gratitude. Regardless of whether you compose a couple of sentences in a gratitude diary, or basically pause for a minute to quietly recognize all that you have, expressing how grateful you are can change your life.

₹ 13,00,000 in Less Than 12 Months. This is crazy!

Being successful is the desire of all of us. It is the inbuilt desire to be successful and our mindset is the main thing to proceed forward consistently towards more massive success. believed and using the Exact Same Proven 21 Mind Programming Techniques to Manifest Their Desires Faster than They Ever Thought Possible.

Science Behind Positive Affirmations

We keep on indulging in self-talk and most of the time it is the same thought process, same words, same fears, same past failures, same limiting belief which you keep on repeating. Our subconscious mind is a wonderful tool for success or failure. It will do what we tell it to do. The following are some examples of positive affirmations you can feed your inner mind for success:

Battle Against Coronavirus

3 Reasons to Meditate in Battle Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus – The new headache, which has become a reason to hamper the way of business across the world.


Meditation is science. Really? How?

In present times, people are faced with a lot of issues such as stress, many incurable diseases. For many of these problems, meditation is suggested as a solution even by the doctors. But many do not accept the reliability of meditation as it is always considered to be one of the religious practices. As most of the religious activities are irrational, the meditation practices are also dismissed as useless by many.But meditation is a science which has a rational basis.Before getting deep into this topic, it is important to know the definition of Science, “It is the organized study of the natural world by means of the observation and the experiment which results in getting a better knowledge on a particular subject.

How does Law of Attraction work?

In recent times, the law of attraction has become a buzzword. You might have heard people talking about its power. There are many who even claim that the law of attraction had completely changed their life. Now, the questions arise. What is this law of attraction? Is it a spell or some magic which gives what we want in life? Read further, to get the right answer.

7 Secrets to Manifest More Money

Manifest means to show something clearly for notice through signs and actions. Everybody needs more money but some people do manifest it quicker than the others. It is their ability to command money which shows that they are an absolute money manifesto.It is said that our thoughts become things it means that if we think about anything, we can hold it in our hand. On the other hand, taking negative thoughts to the mind will only fetch negative results

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