Science Behind Positive Affirmations

Do you know we affirm all throughout our lives?


We keep on indulging in self-talk and most of the time it is the same thought process, same words, same fears, same past failures, same limiting belief which you keep on repeating.

Did you ever notice that?

You are affirming 24/7.

But are you affirming good?

Are you affirming that what you want?

A study published in the journal Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience revealed what goes on in our brains when we practice affirmations regularly.🧠

The researchers used MRI to find that practicing self-affirmation activates the reward centres – ventral striatum (VS) and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC) in the brain.

In simple language, these areas are the same reward centres that respond to other pleasurable experiences, such as eating your favourite dish or winning a prize.

Our subconscious mind is a wonderful tool for success or failure. It will do what we tell it to do.

It all depends on what thoughts we feed it.

So why not feed your inner mind with only positive thoughts.

The following are some examples of positive affirmations you can feed your inner mind for success:

✅ “Today, I will win because I have faith, courage and enthusiasm.”

✅ “Each day and every day I am getting better and better”

✅ “I am a money magnet”

✅ “Today I am attracting good people, positive vibes and great success”

✅ “I am a winner in whatever I do”

✅ “Today, I will see opportunity in every challenge offered to me.”

There are mindfulness exercises that you can follow to develop your brain with positive affirmations.

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