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21 Laws to Manifest the life you Desire

Crack the Scientific Code in 21 Days


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#1 Amazon Bestseller

21 Laws to Manifest the Life you Desire

Crack the Scientific Code in 21 Days


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Here’s What You Will Get Inside


Many Mind Programming Practices involving simple yet most profound techniques to change your mood and thought patterns instantly


True Inspirational changes experienced by people like you and me who transformed their lives by following the principles given in this book


Awesome Tips & Tricks to change your perspective towards Money, Relationships and Health


  • Business is all about taking the Right Decision at the Right Time.
  • Forget about being confused, fearful and dependent on others to grow your business.
  • This book will help you not only get the complete clarity on your business goals but also achieving them strategically while also enhancing your risk taking capabilities.

Working Professionals

  • Stop being just a hard worker when you have a chance to become a smart one.
  • Learn how to get what you want in your professional journey.
  • Not only this, the techniques mentioned in this book will also help you get clarity on your career goals and manifesting them all.

Home Maker

  • You manage the house affairs. Be it shopping, laundry, children education, cooking or gardening. You have to be a multi-tasker and I understand it’s a task.
  • Thanks to the simple tools used in this book that helped thousands of house-maker to be manage tasks effectively and found their true worth and life purpose.


  • No matter what profession are you in or what background do you have, life works on some basic principles.
  • This book will help you learn and acquire 21 laws that has the potential to bring desired transformation in all the major areas of your life.


  • Everyone has expectations from students. These expectations sometimes leave shadows of stress which effects your intelligence and sharp memory.
  • Let’s learn and apply mind-programming techniques to achieve the desired grades with ease. Must for every student to give wings to your dreams.

Who Should read this book?

At Subconscious Levels

It will help you eliminate Limiting Beliefs & Memories about Money, Health and Relationship.Not only this, but you will also get guided Tasks & Techniques to instill new Positive Patterns and Behaviors at your Subconscious Levels.

At Conscious Levels

The book will help you create desired goals and work for them till you actually Manifest them in your life.Make you learn the correct way to create affirmations.Real-Life Stories of common people and celebrities who achieved unbelievable results by using the law of attraction and power of the mind.You will learn various techniques of NLP, Law of Attraction, and Correct Mindset

In this book, the author shares her learnings and transformation with one single aim, which is to help millions of her readers to program their Subconscious Mind for Great Health, Abundance of Money and Most Loving Relationships so that, like her, they can also transform their lives forever.

She has carefully crafted this book for the people who are looking for that one life-changing moment.

People who are looking to take charge of their lives leaving behind all the excuses, drama and hustle of their lives, people who want to know the secrets of how many others who have become successful and how they can also succeed in all areas of their life too.

If you are one of them, then this book is for you!

Author Yashica Jalhotra has spent thousands of dollars and hours learning the Most Scientific & Proven Tools of Human Development, which she is sharing with you through this book.

This book is not your typical theoretical, motivational or self-help book that you will read and keep aside.

This book is a Practical Step by Step Guide for you to follow and transform your life in just 21 days like other thousands of people across the globe who by joining 21-Day Transformational Program followed the same principles mentioned in this book and are now manifesting their Dream Life!

Health & Healing Affirmations

How about having perfect well being?

  • Encourages positive changes in body and mind.
  • Boosts your self-esteem.
  • Creates New Neuron Pathways for Well Being.
  • Replaces Negative thoughts with positive energy.
  • Makes you work for your Healthy Body & Mind.
  • Use of earphones/headphones – Recommended.
  • Plugin while going to sleep + during day- while doing any task, driving, cooking, on laptop, gymming, running etc – Recommended.

Realtionship Affirmations

How can you expect others to love you when you do not love yourself?

  • Increases self-confidence, self-love and your innate abilities.
  • Helps you accept yourself while increasing your self-worth.
  • Impacts your subconscious mind to attract pure relationships.
  • Makes you more happy and at peace all the time.
  • Regular practice yields exceptional effects on emotional stability.
  • Use of earphones/headphones –  Recommended.
  • Plugin while going to sleep + during day- while doing any task, driving, cooking, on laptop, gymming, running etc – Recommended.

Money Magnetic Affirmations

Want to become a Money Magnet?

  • Triggers your subconscious mind to achieve your Financial Goals.
  • Make you Let go of limiting beliefs & scarcity mindset.
  • Repetition helps you instill money beliefs.
  • Pushes you to work for your dreams and manifest them all.
  • Helps you stay focussed.
  • Use of earphones/headphones – Recommended
  • Plugin while going to sleep + during day- while doing any task, driving, cooking, on laptop, gymming, running etc – Recommended

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Meet Your author
"Yashica Jalhotra"

⚡ International NLP Trainer & Coach

⚡ 1 Bestselling Author

⚡ Influencer and Motivational Speaker

⚡ Renowned Law of Attraction Expert

⚡ Founder of Quantum of Happiness

⚡ Named among Top 15 Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR

⚡ Among India’s first Online Workshop Curator on Personal Development

⚡ Featured in Forbes, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Yahoo!, Ibtimes etc

Hey, Thank You for reading about me!

I have helped more than 7300+ people transform their Health, Relationships,
and Financial Statuses through my Workshops, Live Coaching, and Online
Programs and books.

The tools, strategies, tips, testimonials and success stories that I am be sharing in this magical book are the same ones that I’ve been using for 10 years.

The same formula has helped me to scale my living from an emotionally
and financially broke person to now running a 7-figure business.

These same tools have also helped my mentees to achieve desired jobs, get
promotions, change their mindset, attract unexpected money, and live in an
abundant world.

But wait. How will it happen?

In this 21 Day Journey with me, you will receive lots of guided tools & techniques
to break your old limiting beliefs about Money, Health, Relationship, and Wealth.

And you Start Manifesting and Attract 10x Growth in your Financial and Personal Life.

Remember: Your Mindset is Your Responsibility!

Much Love and Gratitude,



Yashica Jalhotra

NLP Trainer | Author | Life Coach 

Entrepreneur | Founder | LOA Expert

About Author

NLP Coach, MotivationaI Speaker, Law of Attraction Expert, Journalist and Founder, Quantum of Happiness, Yashica has helped thousands of people around the globe transform their health, relationships and financial statuses through her live events, workshops, personal coaching and Whatsapp programs. She has touched more than 1000000’s of lives through her seminars, workshops and othertalks. Her Workshops, Programs and Sessions combine Scientific Mind Programming tools & techniques, very deep and relaxed Meditations, and many other proven processes and applications to help you reach at the desired state of your life. Her firm grip in the Power of Human Mind and Laws of the Universe has benefited thousands of people from all strata of life.

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21 Laws to Manifest the life you Desire

Crack the Scientific Code in 21 Days

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