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Sunday, Jan 29, 2023

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State of MIND at Day 0

State of MIND at Day 21


How Amandeep Became Full time Trader & married his dream partner?

How Kala Manifested Trading Profits, Anger Management & Confidence

How Suresh turned 8 years of losses into 21 days of Continuous Profits?

I have been trading for the last 5 years. After a full 3 months of losing money, I joined this workshop. And I have already hit a huge milestone, I have started making clear trading decisions and have been making profits on my trades for the last 5 days.🤷‍♂️.

I myself couldn’t believe the achievements which I got from the 1st week of this life-changing workshop.

✅Better Trading Decisions
✅21 Days of Consecutive profitable trading
✅Confidence Levels shot up
✅ More Money, Happiness and Satisfaction

I can truly say, this 21 days program have worked wonders & have helped me achieve the desired health, wealth & relation.

Sameer Manifested Consistent Trading Profits By Training Subconscious Mind

Pooja Manifested Her DREAM HOME In Australia

Pooja, due to family issues was emotionally stressed and Financially broke. In early 2018, she saw an ad for the Money Mastery Workshop, and taking it as a sign from the Universe, she joined this 21-Day Workshop.

Since then there is no looking back.

She got rid of depression within a day and not only this, she started receiving cool job offers too. Within one year, she got 3 job offers from leading companies in Australia.

But this was not all. Her biggest achievement was when she manifested her Dream Home!! This is the exact house she Manifested with the Power of Her Mind ⬅️⬅️.

She thoroughly followed all the Techniques given in The 21-Day Money Mastery Workshop, Reprogrammed her Subconscious, and Achieved her Dreams easily. And now in 2020, she is a well established working woman who is inspiring other women in Australia not to give up on Dreams!

How Sandeep got 2 BUSINESS PROJECTS in 1 day

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How Purvi MANIFESTED DOLLARS within 1 hour

How Satish Manifested 5-FIGURE MONEY To Repay His Debt

Satish, who is a Hospitality Trainer, was quite restless as he was trying for a loan to pay off his debt which was not coming through due to the industry scenario.

He has already attended two other programs and watched 100s of videos on the Law of Attraction but couldn't get satisfactory answers.

And suddenly he first chanced upon the 21-Day Money Mastery Program and he joined the 21-Day Transformational Program
"Well, these 21 days brought the biggest Transformation in my life!

At that time I tried the methods learned in the program, I tried them over again in the second run as the bonus week and

....wow! I got the wisdom to tap my resources .. had the FUNDS AVAILABLE at my disposal without taking ANY LOAN," Satish tells us in this video.

He joined the 21-Day Transformational Program during the Lockdown and brought the biggest transformation in his life.

He manifested the exact 5 figure amount which he required to repay his debt. And guess what! He received it within 24 HOURS!

Correct MINDSET is all that is required to get the desired Manifestation and he learned that. Watch his STORY

How Sripriya QUICKLY HEALED from diabetes

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WHAT WILL YOU Get inside the workshop?


Subconscious Mastery Sessions

  • The bite-sized, task-based daily sessions to ignite your subconscious mind.

  • Scientific techniques, to help you magnetically attract your dream life.



  • Subconscious Installations- for Health, Self-love, and Money Magic.

  • You’ll learn to quickly reprogram your mind for your desired life.


Printable Affirmation Cards

  • Keep yourself motivated on the 24/7 on the go!

  • Tools to stay Happy, more Positive, and Successful.


Manifestation Self Audit

  • Audit your own mindset.

  • The Self Audit will unveil your true emotions.


Rapid Manifestation Workbook

  • Daily workbook will help you anchor the practices.

  • Align your Conscious & Subconscious Mind together.


Surprise Bonus Programs

  • No need to feel hurt or sick anymore!

  • 2  Powerful programs FREE. Rewire your mind and bless your body.



  • If you are looking for more growth in your career.
  • Want to land into a better Paying Job.
  • Are messed up the daily 9-5 Job routine.
  • Want to balance personal & professional life


  • If you are struggling with Losses or Low Sales.
  • Want to Skyrocket your Authority & Sales.
  • If you want to release daily business stress.
  • Want to enjoy both personal & professional life


  • If you are struggling with Losses in Stock Trading.
  • Learn to take better decisions while Trading.
  • Release daily stress and improve focus on goals.
  • Start Earning more Consistently & Easily.

Homemaker / WFH

  • Want to get rid of overthinking.
  • Tune your Mind to stay more
  • calmer & happier
  • Manage all tasks effectively
  • Explore your True worth & Potential

Job Aspirants

  • Want to land into a better Paying Job.
  • struggling for growth in your career.
  • Are Being SQUEEZED Out Of The Competition.
  • Find difficult to find job opportunities

At Subconscious Levels

It will help you eliminate Limiting Beliefs & Memories about Money, Health and Relationship. Not only this, but you will also get guided Tasks & Techniques to instill new Positive Patterns and Behaviors at your Subconscious Levels.

At Conscious Levels

This program will help you create desired goals and work for them till you actually Manifest them in your life. Make you learn the correct way to create affirmations. You will use various techniques of NLP, Law of Attraction, and Correct Mindset.



You will find inside the 4 ways with those we will be able to assist you : LIVE Masterclass >> Health, Relationship & Money Module >> WhatsApp Mentoring 24x7 >> Manifestation Workbook.
This Workshop is specially designed for busy people, even full time employees and one must have to spare 20mins daily for this program.

Live Masterclass

There will be two live doubt clearing sessions – at the beginning and towards the end of the workshop.

Recorded Sessions

Everyday get 1 pre-recorded podcast on the Technique and Task of the day. You can it access anytime from anywhere 

Manifestation Workbook

This Life Changing workbook will be a game changer in your life. Access it at your own ease everyday.

WhatsApp Mentoring

24/7 hands holdings to inspire you break your old limiting belief about money, health and relationship. 

Real People Real Changes.


WORKSHOP START DATE : Sunday, Jan 29, 2023.

🔴LIVE CLASS : Day1 & Day21 Masterclass @7pm Sundays.

🟢RECORDED: Everyday New Mind Programming Sessions parked in dashboard. Access Anytime from Anywhere.

🤝24/7 WhatsApp Mentoring + Support.

Health Mastery Module

Do you know most of the diseases you experience in life are psychosomatic? Get daily tools and tasks to empower your mind and emotions to control disease & Live in a Healthy Body with a Healthy Soul


₹ 10,000

Relationship Mastery Module​

Healing existing or past relationships can lead to more joyful relations in life. That’s what you will do in this module. Develop the habit of self-love to Stay in Joyous and Healthy RELATIONSHIPS


₹ 10,000

Money Mastery Module

Practical Tools to break your old limiting beliefs about Money and Wealth. Learn the Law of Attraction Money & Subconscious Mind Techniques and become Become MONEY Magnet


₹ 10,000

Huge Profits, Range Rover & Resort Manifestation

Enroll NOW Get Lifetime FREE Access to these bonuses

Health & Healing Affirmations

How about having perfect well being?

  • Encourages positive changes in body and mind.
  • Boosts your self-esteem.
  • Creates New Neuron Pathways for Well Being.
  • Replaces Negative thoughts with positive energy.
  • Makes you work for your Healthy Body & Mind.
  • Use of earphones/headphones – Recommended.
  • Plugin while going to sleep + during day- while doing any task, driving, cooking, on laptop, gymming, running etc – Recommended.

Realtionship Affirmations

How can you expect others to love you when you do not love yourself?

  • Increases self-confidence, self-love and your innate abilities.
  • Helps you accept yourself while increasing your self-worth.
  • Impacts your subconscious mind to attract pure relationships.
  • Makes you more happy and at peace all the time.
  • Regular practice yields exceptional effects on emotional stability.
  • Use of earphones/headphones –  Recommended.
  • Plugin while going to sleep + during day- while doing any task, driving, cooking, on laptop, gymming, running etc – Recommended.

Money Magnetic Affirmations

Want to become a Money Magnet?

  • Triggers your subconscious mind to achieve your Financial Goals.
  • Make you Let go of limiting beliefs & scarcity mindset.
  • Repetition helps you instill money beliefs.
  • Pushes you to work for your dreams and manifest them all.
  • Helps you stay focussed.
  • Use of earphones/headphones – Recommended
  • Plugin while going to sleep + during day- while doing any task, driving, cooking, on laptop, gymming, running etc – Recommended

BONUS #4 (₹1,000/-)



Do you get hurt easily? Now no more.

✔️ Say Good bye to hurt. No heartache anymore.
✔️ Words of other people, anger or criticism won’t affect you.
✔️ Empower your Heart & Mind
✔️ ‘Save yourself from hurt’ performs like a catalyst in your overall growth
and happiness.

10,500+ of people Benefited and today you are getting it
FREE with Lifetime Access.
Isn’t it awesome!

BONUS #5 (₹1,100/-)



“I am feeling so much better, relaxed, composed and peaceful”,

✔️ We get these words our students using Talk to Your Cells.
✔️ It’s a boon for those who feel stress and low moods most of the time.
✔️ Meant to connect you with our own body resulting in healing.
✔️ Increase your immunity levels.

Today you get it FREE with lifetime access.

BONUS #6 (₹10,000/-)



Get Access to the Exclusive Online Member Area

✔️ Where you are voice is heard, experience shared, support is given and you get the Positive and Doses every single day.
✔️ You become a part of my inner circle to get my direct guidance as well.
✔️ The vibes of the group provide solutions, happiness, tips, support,
positivity and hope – to all the Exclusive Members of the program.

This is something which we tag it as priceless.

BONUS #7 (₹1,500/-)

Free eBook

✔️ 21 Powerful Affirmations eBook that work

✔️ Set your intentions everyday

✔️ Influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs


Participation Certificate

✔️ Get Certificate of program completion

✔️ Hang it on your Wall of Fame

✔️ Become a Super Manifestor

21 Day Challenge Bundle

Here's What We Are Gonna Cover In A Nutshell

Total Value: ₹46,600

₹10,000 ₹2999 + taxes

Save ₹7000 by enrolling today

FREE Bonuses worth ₹16,600/-

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Sunday, Jan 29, 2023

*Kindly Do not apply if you are a Trainer, Coach or Healer.

Designed with my 10 years of experience as NLP Coach and Law of Attraction Trainer, This Program will give you MIND EXPANDING TOOLS for Extraordinary Life in just 21 DAYS!

Get Free Bonuses Worth ₹16,600/-
Hurry! Offer Ends in...


Sunday, Jan 29, 2023

real people
real changes

21 days program was fabulous and inspirational. Yashica guided the program in a professional manner and well 2 way conversation is highlight of the program.. many thanks to Yashica
Vishal Agrawaal
Google Review
I just loved this course because it has all practical implementation and very easy to follow and apply techniques. The best part is subconscious reimprint technique.
Vandana Patel
Google Review
It is one of the best course I did for self transformation. The 21 day course worked wonder for me and It bought the positivity in myself and my approach in life.
Ankit Porwal
Google Review
Hello mam, Thank you so much for help to manifest my career, last few year's I have been working profession in Crypto, but I do not know what was the mistake I was doing, I do not get good growth in my business, but now a day I am managing Rs.70 lakhs portfolio. My career grow suddenly 70x to 80x. everything happen with your guidance and practice. thank you so much for your 21 day workshop.
The 21 day program is very well compiled and has a very simple, easy to understand step by step approach towards manifestation and achieving abundance and success in the 3 primary aspects of life. Very enjoyable program and fantastic support at all times by the quantum of happiness team!! Well done
Shilpa Vanvaria
Google Review
Program designed is wonderful and it started as per the priorities of life. While starting the program one feel the changes in life gradually and it changes the prospective of life.. Happy that I joined the program which bring many positive changes
Your approach is simple matter of factly and you are very genuine ....Yashica this simplicity and your authenticity brings in Divinity in your program with the beautiful structure more so because it is activity based and it is experiential. Thank you Thank you Thank you OM SHANTI
Venkateshwar Padmanabhan
Google Review
She has answers which are not bookish.. the course material is great. I feel like continuing with her forever.. Never felt so good doing any other course.
Meenal Chauhan
Google Review
21 days program was fabulous and inspirational. Yashica guided the program in a professional manner and well 2 way conversation is highlight of the program.. Kudos to Yashica
Ankur Shrivastava
Google Review

How this Workshop Works?



WhatsApp Mentoring Group Access

Step 1 : Register

Enroll your self with your complete details and complete the payment.

Step 2: Get Confirmation

We will send a Workshop confirmation email to your registered email.

Step 3 : Join Inspiring Facebook Community

Join the inspiring facebook community with the given link on the confirmation mail..

Step 4: Account Details

Dashboard & WhatsApp Mentoring Group Access will be given be provided on the same day this workshop starts.

Meet Your Coach
Yashica Jalhotra

⚡ International NLP Trainer & Coach

⚡ 1 Bestselling Author

⚡ Influencer and Motivational Speaker

⚡ Renowned Law of Attraction Expert

⚡ Founder of Quantum of Happiness

⚡ Named among Top 15 Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR

⚡ Among India’s first Online Workshop Curator on Personal Development

⚡ Featured in Forbes, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Yahoo!, Ibtimes etc

Hey, Thank You for reading about me!

I have helped more than 10,500+ people transform their Health, Relationships, and Financial Statuses through my Workshops, Live Coaching, and Online Programs.

The Tools and Sessions that I’ll be sharing in the 21 Day Transformational
Program are the same ones that I’ve been using for 10 years.

The same formula has helped me to scale my living from an emotionally
and financially broke person to now running a 7-figure business.

These same tools have also helped my mentees to achieve desired jobs, get
promotions, change their mindset, attract unexpected money, and live in an
abundant world.

But wait. How will it happen?

In this 21 Day Journey with me, you will receive lots of guided tools & techniques
to break your old limiting beliefs about Money, Health, Relationship, and Wealth.

And you Start Manifesting and Attract 10x Growth in your Financial and Personal Life.

Remember: Your Mindset is Your Responsibility!

Much Love and Gratitude,


10 Years
Years Of Experience
1050 0 +
Lives Transformed
13 +

As seen in

real people
real changes

“Every task designed by Yashica Mam are so amazing.Anyone  wiling to join should not give it a second thought it’s just amazing!!!”

“I have attended a lot of programs in my life but the effort Yashica ma’am puts into her students inside the 21 days program is amazing”

” Got huge jump in the salary. Completely surprised by the miracles that happened in my life!!!”
“I could sense the positive changes happening in my daily life when it comes to relations, health and even when it comes to money”

Special Price

₹2,999 + taxes



WhatsApp Image 2021-12-02 at 12.50.13 PM

The PROGRAM will include Teachings, Practical Learnings, Tasks, Live Sessions, Q/A, and other resources all aiming to ACTIVATE your SPIRITUAL and MONEY ENERGIES.

These 8 elements is all it takes, to rewire your life within this shortest time, and this is why I created this 21 DAY WORKSHOP for you!

Still not convinced

Play Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a continuous 21 day journey, in which you will be given access to your personal dashboard where Guided Audio Podcast will be added for you on daily basis. You will listen it at your own comfort and Time and do the Task/Process as guided. As you do the task, you will Reprogram your Mind and Change your Perception towards things, persons and experiences occurred in your life.

Dashboard is a website portal where you will find all the tasks, sessions and workbook material. You just need to login with the credentials given to you.

You need to give just 15-20 minutes of your time on daily basis. There are no rules for timings and place. You just need to click the given link and you are ready to enjoy the program at Anytime from Anywhere.

Yes. In order to align with your desires and manifest them faster in your life, It is highly recommended to do the Task and Technique of the Day. You will find Huge Transformation happening inside you- but that will happen only when you actually do the task.

Though the tasks and techniques created to Reprogram your Subconscious are very simple and easy to do, but in case of any query you can always get back to us.

The program will help you at 2 Levels- While at Subconscious Level, It will help you eliminate limiting Beliefs/Memories about Money and instill the new positive patterns and new way of life. At the same time the program will help work at your Conscious Levels and help you create desirable goals and work for them till you Manifest them.

No. This program is meant for your own Personal Development through which you can Fine Tune Your Own Destiny. This program doesn’t certify you to become a Practitioner or a Coach

Oh yes! Thousands of our participants have got miraculous results in not only learning how to live a stress free and happy life but have also manifested their desires like unexpected money, new opportunities, disease free and fit body, desired life partner, glowing skin– just few to mention

Though the program duration is 21 days, but we give 10 days extra time. So, the program link is available to you for a complete month.

Copyright © 2023 Yashica Jalhotra. All Rights Reserved.

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