The book contains 21 Scientific Principles to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for your Success, Health, Relationship and Money. It includes step by step guided Tasks & Techniques to instill new Positive Patterns and Behaviours at your Subconscious Levels.

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Stress Buster

This 20-Min Stress Handling Program will lock deep relaxation in every part of your body and mind.
Lifetime Access | Mind Programming Technique against stress

Talk to Your Cells

Guided Meditation for deep Self healing, Mood Swings, Happiness, Relaxation and Health.
Lifetime Access | Mind Programming for Health

Release Exam Fear & Stress

Success Programming for desired grades and confidenceReprogram your subconscious to get Desired Grades & Results. Clear Exams/Interview, get confidence, remove exam fear/ phobia, enhance your memory
Exam Day Success | Success Programming Series

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