21 Day Program

The program is specially designed for those who don’t want to lead a life by default but by choice. This program is also a boon for those who are facing anxiety/depression, lack of confidence or those who are stuck up in their lives but are eager to come out of their cocoon to lead an extraordinary life. The program involves various tools and technologies, daily tasks and Hand Holding through One to One meetings, Calls, WhatsApp and Skype for twenty-one days.

INR 2999

Peak Performance Programming

As the name goes by, Peak Performance Programming is meant to enhance performance levels of an individual or a team. It caters to students, corporates and individuals.The program develops their confidence, performance, communication skills and stress management.

Open Workshops

In one day/two day workshop, you learn how a disease is conceived in the body, how to master your subconscious mind, how to imbibe empowering beliefs and learn various tools to train your brain. Apart from the theoretical part, Open Workshops include various tools and applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Law of Attraction, EFT and Meditation.

One2One Coaching

The Personal one to one sessions help you eliminate your subconscious patterns of fear, phobia, disease, painful memories, low confidence, behaviour challenges, pain and addiction. These sessions also re-imprint happy and powerful memories, empowering beliefs and success on your mind. Basically, personal coaching takes you on a fast track route to reach to your desires.
INR 5000

Life Coaching

1-Month Coaching Program which focuses on continuous support, personal time commitment, Making you work for your Life Goals & Desires includes twice a week One2One Personal Sessions with other support & Monitoring systems.
INR 25,000

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