How does Law of Attraction work?

In recent times, the law of attraction has become a buzzword. You might have heard people talking about its power. There are many who even claim that the law of attraction had completely changed their life.
Now, the questions arise. What is this law of attraction? Is it a spell or some magic which gives what we want in life? Read further, to get the right answer.
Law of attraction

To begin with, the law of attraction is not magic. It is just a simple law like any other laws in science. According to it, whatever we give to the universe, we will get back the same. Just like any other scientific law, it continues to operate whether we are aware of it or not. To understand it better, you need to know the concept that, “everything is energy”. Here, “everything” refers to even the thoughts, beliefs, feelings etc. It might be unbelievable. But, that’s how these things work. Everything that emits energy connects with each other. So, it can be very well said that every event that happens in the universe connects with each other. This connection is the basis for the law of attraction.

Processes involved

The way the law of attraction works can be explained in two ways:
  • Processes happen when we think positively
  • Processes that occur when we think pessimistically
When we focus more on good things and abundance, our thoughts tend to vibrate in the same frequency of universe such as vastness, limitless possibility, endlessness, innate worthiness etc. When we are in tune with all these universal truths, we will start feeling better and become powerful creators. The best thing with this law of attraction is that we will be powerful without being egoistic. This makes us to be in harmony with the infinite possibilities that would create a positive difference in our lives. Once we start using the law of attraction in a positive way, we will never feel separate as we will be filled with infinite love and unconditional acceptance. Through this, we can achieve what we want in life. But, the law of attraction has another side too. It can bring not only the good things but also the bad things. When the situations are not favourable to us, we tend to feel bad and depressed. If this continues, we will be releasing the vibrations of the wavelength that would cut us from the underlying frequency of the universe. This would make us feel separate disconnecting us from everything. This makes us be in the state of separation, isolation, sadness or demotivation.

Ways to make better use of LOA

Now, you would have got a broad understanding of how the law of attraction works. If we master the art of law of attraction, we will be in the position to become successful in life. But you know the right strategies to ensure its effective functioning. While using the law of attraction for something you desire, you should develop the feeling of having received it. Only then, you will be able to send the vibrations that are resonating at the frequency of the universe. In many cases, people tend to feel more deprived. This reverses the consequences. At

the state of deprivation, your vibrations will not be in tune with that of the universe. This will make your desires to move far away from you. So, it is high time you start implementing the law of attraction in your life. By making use of it effectively, you can become more financially sound, attract a perfect life partner, have a healthy life and achieve the ultimate happiness you want in life. It would always be suggested to get the help of a trainer for getting the desired results soon. All the best for everyone!!!

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