Miraculous Power of Subconscious Mind

Most of us consider that mind is something that is associated only with things such as perceptions, feelings, fantasies, sensations, and memories. The part of mind concerned with these activities is called conscious mind which is just 10% of the mind. The remaining 90% is the subconscious mind whose functions are even bigger. You can reach greater heights with the aid of the subconscious mind.

You would have heard people saying, “We cannot control anything that happens in our life”. But it is a serious misconception. Whatever that occurs in our life is the consequence of our own thoughts which you have inculcated in your subconscious mind.
Working of subconscious mind

To understand more about the enormous potential of our subconscious mind, it is imperative to know how it works.The subconscious mind does not act on its own. It acts as per the instructions given to it by the conscious mind. It does not have the ability to differentiate between the good things and bad things. It does whatever the conscious mind says. So, it is essential to channelize our thoughts to bring positive changes in our lives.The process of taming the subconscious mind needs sincere and consistent efforts. One important quality of the sub-conscious mind is that it makes you emotionally and physically uncomfortable when you try to attempt any changes. You will feel so scared to move out of your comfort zone. This is the natural response. You should not feel let down. Once you have developed the art of taming your subconscious mind, you can see a lot of miracles happening around you.
Advantages of taming your subconscious mind
  • Your career growth will suddenly become higher. Relationships which we were troubling you for a long time would start showing signs of improvement.
  • You will be in the pink of health.
  • Your life will be filled with complete abundance and happiness.

Many yogis, business giants, successful people have utilized this marvellous power of subconscious mind to bring vast changes in their life.

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