Meditation is science. Really? How?

In present times, people are faced with a lot of issues such as stress, many incurable diseases. For many of these problems, meditation is suggested as a solution even by the doctors.

But many do not accept the reliability of meditation as it is always considered to be one of the religious practices. As most of the religious activities are irrational, the meditation practices are also dismissed as useless by many.

But meditation is a science which has a rational basis. 

Before getting deep into this topic, it is important to know the definition of Science, “It is the organized study of the natural world by means of the observation and the experiment which results in getting a better knowledge on a particular subject.”

Mediation as a study of the mind

While meditating, people do the careful observation of mind which is of scientific interest. The information which is accumulated by people through meditation is shared among themselves and the spiritual masters. 

The spiritual masters, in turn, experiment this information with their own mind and pass it on through generations. This organized body of information is used by many in the present times. 

It is well-known that meditation involves a lot of techniques that produce varying results. These techniques are not given without any basis. Just like science, these techniques are tested in the laboratory of mind. 

Many models of mind have been found by various practitioners of meditation by modifying the techniques to increase efficiency and many models have been implemented. 

Just like science, the modifications which are done can be considered as hypotheses and the implementation can be taken as experiment

Many of the results arrived through these experiments have found to have passed the scientific tests of falsifiability and replicability. This clearly indicates that meditation is a science.

Meditation is Objective

Many have argued that meditation does not produce any objective results. This argument cannot be completely accepted as many of the branches of science as Sociology and Psychology have many concepts which are subjective, and the science of meditation has many concepts which objective are. 

In fact, there are certain meditation techniques which help in finding the changes in brain changes. Many of the meditation practices had helped in improving brain functions. This had been proven by many studies on the brain.

Many of the meditation techniques have helped in improving the functions of the body. This is more like medical science. There is also a possibility for the meditation to have a great significance in the field of neurology. 

Further, the meditation has helped in a better realisation of oneself and one’s relationship with the environment. This feature of meditation also correlates with many of other branches of science.

Many people consider Meditation as a hard way to get solace. But if you start practicing, it is very simple, easy and effective. The best way to get the complete benefits of meditation is through continuous practice.

It can be as simple as just closing your eyes and focusing on your breath or even on any sound coming from your atmosphere (like A.C., fan, music etc) 

Therefore, it is important for the people to use meditation as a tool for self-development and peaceful mind. This not only helps in the promotion of individual health but also helps in promoting world peace. 

This is mainly because it helps in changing the aggressive behaviour of many people which is due to the unregulated activity of mind.

Will you start practising meditation for your better life? Let me know in comments 🙂

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