Science behind gratitude

Science behind gratitude Rationally resilient individuals trade self-pity for gratitude. Regardless of whether you compose a couple of sentences in a gratitude diary, or basically pause for a minute to quietly recognize all that you have, expressing how grateful you are can change your life. Here are 8 scientifically proven advantages of being thankful and …

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What is NLP?

What is NLP? Almost for everyone, the problems have become part and parcel of life. Some people face continuous failures in exams while for some, unresolved relationships are the biggest problems. The obstacles in life can also be in the form of bad health, poor financial status etc. Because of these never-ending difficulties in life, …

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SUCCESS STORY | Manifested Dream Home | Depression Free Life in 21 Days

 How Yashica’s NLP Sessions Inculcated confidence and positivity in me… Pooja’s (name changed) Success Story of manifesting her Dream Home and Depression-Free Life using 21-Day Life Transformational Program I manifested my dream home during the sessions, the construction will start probably in October this year… I manifested a religious paath and bhog ceremony at my …

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