It’s Okay to be in doubt!

It’s Okay to feel confused!
And when confronted with challenges, it’s ok to seek Help


Pain to smile

“Due to an accident years ago, I was suffering from lower backache for a long time and when I visited India, I took a personal session of Yashica.

After I finished the session, I realised that I am not feeling pain and discomfort in my back and even now I can get up from the bed without any discomfort and pain in bending movements. This is just miraculous for me.

Thanks to Yashica for the session. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through any challenge in his life.”

Sarabjit Singh,
May 2018

Transforming Fear Into Love

“I still remember how happy I was to get 94 percent in Hindi. All thanks to the Coach.”

Tanveer Singh,
Class 8th

Confusion to Clarity

“Before I took a personal session of Yashica Mam, I was like lost in a desert far away from my goals. I needed something to achieve my goal and after that session, I got a burning desire to clear NDA. I understood that day that this is it. I gotta do this for me. This isn’t for anybody but for myself. From that day I started living my life to my expectations. That day I understood my goal and now I know my path towards it.”

Manik Rajpal,
NDA Aspirant
I'm so happy for the One2One session with Yashica Mam.This is a great experience. Thank you so Mam....the way you talked, you listened so patiently and guided me thoroughly and clear my all doubts I feel so energetic and motivated. Now I feel that yes!!! I can achieve my goals. Thank you thank you Thank you so much Mam and Thank you Universe. I'm grateful 🙏🙏😇😇
Ritu Sengupta
Google Review
Yashika Jalhotra changed my life totally. I m a athlete, Ironman, marathoner , Before doing this program i was unable to run due to my injury. After doing this program i changed a lot . I completed 1 Ironman 1, 42 kms vasai virar marathon successfully. Injury totally recovered due to mind power .No medicine required. Thanks a lot YASHICA.
Sudhir Pawar
Google Review
I’m immensely happy and grateful to share my feedback. Yashica Madam listens empathically, understands better and give us the best. I feel so blessed and thankful to Yashica madam for guiding me to achieve my goals… Her guidance is amazing and magical.
Pranay Kumar Bokkenapelly
Google Review
Had a 1-1 conversation with Yashica Ma'am earlier this week. She was so patiently listening and not rushing through anything. What I enjoyed about our meeting was she focussed on the current state and where we want to be or the desired state. Shared some very valuable inputs and suggestions.
Abhijit Basu
Google Review
Thank you Yashica Mam for One to One session today. Thank you Thank you Thank you and lots of gratitude to you mam. Got Lots of Clarity today in terms of how to chnage in thinking patterns and how to implement correct affirmations as in normal life somehow it gets distracted. But you showed me the way how to tackle it and help me to design future goals. Once again Thank you thank you thank you. Lots of gratitude to you mam.
Utsav Mistry
Google Review
My One2One Session was Awesome..She made me think entirely the other way..Now I am moving towards a new life leaving all worries behind as per Yashica Ma'm guidance...She has come to me as a "Goddess". God bless her and entire team Abundantly for doing this noble cause...
Sini Soman
Google Review

It is not a magic rather a simple neuroscience that brings magical results.

How One2one Personal Coaching Works?

It will be a 40-60mins session & Connect with your mentor in just 3 simple steps.

Book Your Session

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Schedule It accordingly

After payment you will be redirected to a scheduler page where you can fix your session time & date as per your suitability.

Talk to your Mentor

Your Mentor will call you at your booked time. The session can be in English as well as Hindi. You will also get reminders about your session.

Meet Your Coach
Yashica Jalhotra

⚡ International NLP Trainer & Coach

⚡ 1 Bestselling Author

⚡ Influencer and Motivational Speaker

⚡ Renowned Law of Attraction Expert

⚡ Founder of Quantum of Happiness

⚡ Named among Top 15 Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR

⚡ Among India’s first Online Workshop Curator on Personal Development

⚡ Featured in Forbes, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Yahoo!, Ibtimes etc

Hey, Thank You for reading about me!

I have helped more than 10,500+ people transform their Health, Relationships, and Financial Statuses through my Workshops, Live Coachings, and Online Programs.

The Tools and Sessions that I’ve been sharing in my Programs and coaching are the same ones that I’ve been using for 10 years.

The same formula has helped me to scale my living from an emotionally
and financially broke person to now running a 7-figure business.

These same tools have also helped my mentees to achieve desired jobs, get
promotions, change their mindset, attract unexpected money, and live in an
abundant world.

But wait. How will it happen?

In this one2one coaching session, you will receive lots of guided tools & techniques
to break your old limiting beliefs about Money, Health, Relationship, and Wealth.

And you Start Manifesting and Attract 10x Growth in your Financial and Personal Life.

Remember: Your Mindset is Your Responsibility!

Talk to you soon!

Much Love and Gratitude,

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frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It will be a 40-60mins sessions.

It will be a single session only.

It will be a normal phone call or if it will be needed then on zoom.

Reserve you personal session time in advance. Stay yourself in a peaceful environment to avoid distractions.

You can book one session at a time. Incase you want to book more sessions pl contact at +91 9625390353

The program will help you at 2 Levels- While at Subconscious Level, It will help you eliminate limiting Beliefs/Memories about Money and instill the new positive patterns and new way of life. At the same time the program will help work at your Conscious Levels and help you create desirable goals and work for them till you Manifest them.

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