It’s Okay to be in doubt!

It’s Okay to feel confused!
And when confronted with challenges, it’s ok to seek Help


Pain to smile

“Due to an accident years ago, I was suffering from lower backache for a long time and when I visited India, I took a personal session of Yashica.

After I finished the session, I realised that I am not feeling pain and discomfort in my back and even now I can get up from the bed without any discomfort and pain in bending movements. This is just miraculous for me.

Thanks to Yashica for the session. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through any challenge in his life.”

Sarabjit Singh,
May 2018

Transforming Fear Into Love

“I still remember how happy I was to get 94 percent in Hindi. All thanks to the Coach.”

Tanveer Singh,
Class 8th

Confusion to Clarity

“Before I took a personal session of Yashica Mam, I was like lost in a desert far away from my goals. I needed something to achieve my goal and after that session, I got a burning desire to clear NDA. I understood that day that this is it. I gotta do this for me. This isn’t for anybody but for myself. From that day I started living my life to my expectations. That day I understood my goal and now I know my path towards it.”

Manik Rajpal,
NDA Aspirant

It is not a magic rather a simple neuroscience that brings magical results.

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