My Personal Note for an Awesome You!

Dear Super Manifestor,

This Letter is shared with you for two purposes.

First to Congratulations you for finishing your HEALTH Week of Your 21-Day Transformational Challenge💪
We are so Proud of You!
The second reason is to tell you how important it is to find and notice all kinds of changes, shifts, emotional and physical upliftment you encountered during this Health Week.

Oh Wait! if you think there were no changes, then you need to read more

WHAT you need to do?

NO matter the change was tiny or big, minor or major, it was for sometime or lifetime- It doesn’t matter but it is surely there.

Your role now is to find it, dig it, recall and notice what were those changes, and how you got impacted.

May be just one little practice or technique changed you

or may be any affirmation, mediation become your savior,

or might be creating or reading goal cards gave you relief, joy, hope, change in perspective or goosebumps

Ask your yourself:

What is that?

Which are those practices and techniques or which were those days?

What made you hopeful, gave a relief, or healed you or broke your beliefs?

What is that change in you?

What is that emotional Upliftment?

Did you feel relief in pain, enjoyed good sleep, felt more grateful, became more positive and thankful, manifested good mood?

If you have done all or few tasks you will find something or many things.

Now what?

WHY you need to do?

The moment you start noticing and commenting those changes and manifestations, your brain shall start looking for more such changes in you and you shall start raising your frequency and start sending those great things to the Universe which will then help you manifest more of these feelings, things and emotions.

Isn’t it awesome!!

Not only this you shall instantly change your mood,  feel more satisfied, release more happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin,

will trust more in your own mind programming efforts,

will feel more committed to complete the challenges on time and hence manifest in a speedy way!

So what you waiting for-Share your momentum, positive changes and upliftments & manifestations and Move on with your Day with a great smile on your face.

Comment below and just dive into it.

Remember It’s Done It’s Done It’s Done!

Thank You
Loads of Love and Gratitude ❤🙏
Your Mentor and Friend

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