Attract Love, Health & Wealth through NLP

Reprogram your Subconscious MIND

Over 21 days, I’ll give you daily tools, techniques, and secrets used by thousands of my mentees every day to live with the lifestyle of spiritual and financial activation.

  • Guided Neurological Transformational Techniques.
  • Use of Best of Modalities like NLP, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Affirmations, Goal Setting & many more.
  • Clear All Subconscious Blocks, Painful Memories and Limiting Beliefs
  • Learning the Science of Manifestations
  • Fast Result Techniques for Abundant Mindset

How this program will help you

State of MIND at Day 0

  • Facing Fear, Anxiety, Low Mood
  • Negative chatter all the time
  • Losing Control over Situations, Relations, Finances
  • Low Sale or Career growth
  • Poor decision making, no clarity
  • Past Failures in Relations/ Health/ Business-Job
  • Living Life as it comes
  • Scarcity Mindset
  • Tired of unwanted behaviour & Habits

State of MIND at Day 21

  • Feel more confident, focussed and positive
  • Learn to Feed Mind with 24/7 Positive Thoughts
  • Start taking complete charge of Health, Relations and Finances
  • Multiply Your earnings by 5X
  • Clarity on Goals and Desires
  • Build Strong Future Goals & Manifest them all
  • Deliberate Manifesting of what you want in life
  • Start Living with Abundant Mindset
  • Change unwanted behaviour

Yashica Jalhotra

NLP Life Coach
#1 Bestselling Author
International Trainer
Founder, Quantum of Happiness

About Your Coach

NLP Coach, MotivationaI Speaker, Law of Attraction Expert, Journalist and Founder, Quantum of Happiness, Yashica has helped thousands of people around the globe transform their health, relationships and financial statuses through her live events, workshops, personal coaching and Whatsapp programs.

She has touched more than thousands of lives through her seminars, workshops and other talks. Her Workshops, Programs and Sessions combine Scientific Mind Programming tools & techniques, very deep and relaxed Meditations, and many other proven processes and applications to help you reach at the desired state of your life. Her firm grip in the Power of Human Mind and Laws of the Universe has benefited thousands of people from all strata of life.

When You Make The Wise Decision To Grab This Today, You’ll Also Get These

Fast Action Bonuses..


  • Say good bye to hurt
  • Empower your heart and mind
  • Permanent mind hack link


  • Say good bye to stress
  • Increase immunity
  • Empower your body and cells


  • Connect with people
  • share experiences
  • Empower your body and cells


  • Get certified
  • Get exclusive discounts for other programs
  • Digital certificate directly in your inbox

What value you get

  • 21 Day Transformational Program - Value Rs. 12,000
  • Bonus 1 : Value Rs. 1,000 (Lifetime Access)
  • Bonus 2 : Value Rs. 1,100 (Lifetime Access)
  • Access to Global Group of Manifestors : Value Rs. 10,000 (Lifetime Access)
  • Get Certified : Value Rs. 7,000

TOTAL VALUE : Rs. 31,100

Early bird exclusive 90% discount

Rs. 31,100

Rs. 2,999 + GST

Duration : 28th February to 19th March

Note : Kindly do not apply If you are a trainer, coach, healer or the aspiring one.

How program works

Step 1 : Register

Enroll your self with your complete details and complete the payment.

Step 2: Get confirmation

We will send a confirmation email to you about your registration and

Step 3 : Join whatsapp group

We will send you an exclusive invite link to join whatsapp group where you will get all the notifications and discussions.

Step 4: Login to your account

You will get your user id & password from us. Login to your account and get access to the daily lessons.

Get Certified

After the completion of the program. You will get a certificate.

24 x 7 Support

We have dedicated team for your help. So at each step we are here to help you out.

1000s of people Transformed their Life

NOW its your CHANCE

Your 21 Day Program Schedule



Do you know most of the diseases you experience in life are psychosomatic? Get daily podcasts for the tools and tasks to empower your mind and emotions to control disease & Live in a Healthy body with a Healthy Soul

  • Day 1 : How to Use Power of Gratitude to create Healthy Hormones in your body?
  • Day 2: Use this Powerful Subconscious Programming Technique to Align your Mind with your Desired Health
  • Day 3: Influence your Mind Step by Step with these repetitive Auto Suggestions
  • Day 4: Goal Setting and Goal Card for your Perfect Healthy Mind, Body and Soul
  • Day 5: How to use Your Heal Goal Card to Imprint this new vision on your Mind
  • Day 6: Break Limiting Health Beliefs with this most powerful Mind Programming Process + Health Affirmations (Commands)
  • Day 7: Deep Subconscious Reimprinting Session on Health + Use of Health Goal Card



The 2nd Week of the 21-Day program Involves Re-imprinting at deep subconscious levels to heal existing relationships, attract more love and foremost, develop the habit of self love to Stay in Joyous and Healthy RELATIONSHIPS

  • Day 8: Connect with your own self deeply. Fill your internal reservoir with Self Love + Subconscious Installations.
  • Day 9: Mind Programming for your deepest relationship desires
  • Day 10: Getting ready for Relationship Goals
  • Day 11: Tuning your Frequency for Love
  • Day 12: Heal Pain in Relationships with this tool + Goal cards
  • Day 13: Learn to fill your Love Tank to the fullest
  • Day 14: How to catch the Love Signals sent by the Universe?



Receive Lots of techniques and tasks to break your old limited beliefs about Money and Wealth. Learn Law of Attraction Money & Subconscious Mind Techniques to Create Abundant Money & Prosperity Mindset and become Become MONEY Magnet

  • Day 15: Find your Deepest Desires for money and prosperity
  • Day 16: How to change the energy of Money your body and mind + Money Affirmations
  • Day 17: Use this process to unblock your channels of Money + Money Goal Card
  • Day 18: How to Allign and activate your each body cell with Money Vibrations?
  • Day 19: Get rid of Negative Thoughts and Beliefs about Money
  • Day 20: Reimprint Success and Prosperity on your Subconscious
  • Day 21: Powerful Subconscious Programming Technique to Align your Mind with your Money Goals
  • This Program is not like any other typical theoretical, motivational or self help program that you will join and keep aside.
  • This Program is a Practical Step by Step Guide for you to follow and transform your life in 21 days like other thousands of people across the globe.
  • 21-Day Transformational Program followed the same principles mentioned in this book and are now manifesting their Dream Life.

Frequently asked questions

This is a continuous 21 day journey, in which you will be given access to your personal dashboard where Guided Audio Podcast will be added for you on daily basis. You will listen it at your own comfort and Time and do the Task/Process as guided. As you do the task, you will Reprogram your Mind and Change your Perception towards things, persons and experiences occurred in your life.
You need to give just 15-20 minutes of your time on daily basis. There are no rules for timings and place. You just need to click the given link and you are ready to enjoy the program at Anytime from Anywhere.
Yes. In order to align with your desires and manifest them faster in your life, It is highly recommended to do the Task and Technique of the Day. You will find Huge Transformation happening inside you- but that will happen only when you actually do the task.
Though the tasks and techniques created to Reprogram your Subconscious are very simple and easy to do, but in case of any query you can always get back to us.
The program will help you at 2 Levels- While at Subconscious Level, It will help you eliminate limiting Beliefs/Memories about Money, Health and Relationship instill the new positive patterns and new way of life. At the same time the program will help work at your Conscious Levels and help you create desirable goals and work for them till you Manifest them.
No. This program is meant for your own Personal Development through which you can Fine Tune Your Own Destiny. This program doesn’t certify you to become a Practitioner or a Coach
Oh yes! Thousands of our participants have got miraculous results in not only learning how to live a stress free and happy life but have also manifested their desires like unexpected money, new opportunities, disease free and fit body, desired life partner, glowing skin– just few to mention
Though the program duration is 21 days, but we give 10 days extra time. So, the program link is available to you for a complete month.
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