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Empower your mind and emotions to control Psychosomatic diseases like asthma, psoriasis, diabetes, eczema, migraines, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease etc to live a HEALTHY LIFE


Learn Reimprinting at deep subconscious levels to heal existing relationships, attract more love and foremost, develop the habit of self-love to Stay in Joyous and Healthy RELATIONSHIPS


Create Abundant Money & Prosperity Mindset and Become a MONEY MAGNET

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Yashica Jalhotra

I’m Yashica. Writer. NLP Coach. Entrepreneur. LOA Expert. Speaker. Author of Upcoming 21 Laws to Manifest the Life you Desire. Let me show you how to Speed Up the manifestation of your desires with the power of your mind


Its an amazing experience with her specially money affirmation audio. It actually help me to gain wealth in my life. As it is said in that money flowa to me easily and effortlessly. I am feeling and living that. Thanks Yashica to change my mind towards Wealth.
I liked the sessions "how to heal when somebody hurts you"...."self love affirmations"...I almost cried while listening to both the sessions. We have so many of them around us but still there is something to be heard and healed. So this one happened to be on right time to me
Mitali Ray
I recommend the 21 day Challenge program conducted by Yashica Ma'am.It really helps transformation in my health, relationship, financially and overall personality.It brings up our feelings to high level and helps in manifesting our desires.

sara tran

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