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State of MIND at Day 0

State of MIND at Day 90

Get my personal practices, techniques, affirmations and meditation which made me what I am today.

✅ Dent Money Limiting Beliefs
✅ Cleansing Money Jealousy
✅ Use your energy to Attract Right people for Business and Financial Growth
✅ Activate Happiness Chakra
✅ Let go of the Stress
✅ Remove Future Fears
✅ Money Attraction Tools
✅ Shopping with the Universe
✅ Prosperity Gratitude
✅ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
✅ Daily Affirmations
✅ Daily Oath of Manifestation
✅ Happiness Boosters
✅ Ho’oponopono

These are just a few Techniques, there is & much much many more available or will be added on the Advance Program dashboard.


In Conscious Life

  • Unlock your inner potential: You will tap into your inner potential and achieve greater levels of consciousness, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life.

  • Enhance your mindfulness: You will start to develop a deeper sense of mindfulness, which can help you better understand your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

  • Improve your relationships: You shall start communicating more effectively, which can help you build stronger & true relationships with the people around you.

  • Increase your productivity: By developing a deeper level of consciousness, you can increase your productivity and achieve more in less time.

  • Achieve greater peace of mind: These Growth tools will help you reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to greater peace of mind and a more balanced life.

In Sub Conscious Life

  • Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with positive, empowering ones.

  • Use different forms of cutting-edge techniques to focus on what you want, rather than what you don't want.

  • Reaching deeper layers of mind to overcome fears, anxiety, and other negative emotions that are holding you back.

  • Use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Law of Attraction, EFT, Meditation, Ho'oponopono, Subconscious Hacks to change your internal dialogue and thoughts.

  • Learn to quiet your mind and focus on the present moment.


WHAT WILL YOU Get inside the workshop?

Happiness Rewiring

  • Open Happiness chakra
  • 5-Min Happiness Booster
  • Affirmations- Happiness Gratitude
  • Worksheets
  • Ignite Happiness- Add New Values into your system

Release Resistance

  • Let Go the Stress – The Balloon Technique
  • From Problem to Solution
  • Let Go Future Fears
  • 5-Min Timer Meditation – Guided


  • Using This Manifestation Technique for Anything and Everything
  • Ho’oponapona Miracle
  • H’oponopono Advance
  • H’oponopono Money
  • H’oponopono + EFT

Receiving Mode

  • Subconscious Commands- New Self Image
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Video- The State of Receiving
  • The Year-End Manifestations
  • Self Worth Booster- “You know this”
  • The Oath of Manifestation
  • Shopping with the Universe
  • Crush Negative Beliefs – One Goal at a Time
  • Letter to the Universe : Webinar Replay
  • The Oath – Printable card

Activate Money Energies

  • Money Shower
  • Attracting the Right People
  • Your Quench from the Universe – Printable Your Passion Goal Card – Printable
  • Money Meditation

Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Use Your Energy Psychology to get impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance
  • Step by Step EFT tapping
  • EFT e-booTh

The Magic Vision Board

  • In this Module, you will understand the concept, must ingredients, requirements and placement of the vision board
  • The physical Vision Board
  •  The Virtual Vision Board

Increase Productivity & Success Daily

  • 4 Step Technique to Achieve Success everyday

  • Learn to Enhance Your Productivity and Emotional balancing

Fitness Programming

  • Immunity Programming
  • Global Healing, TThe Ball of Energy
  • Mind Fitness
  • Full Body & Mind Relaxation

Guided Meditations

  • In Deliberate Manifestation, it’s important to reach your deep states of mind, and feel centered, balanced, calm and at ease. The Meditation gives you all of these and much more beyond your

90 Days Ultimate Mind Hack Workshop

Here's What We Are Gonna Cover In A Nutshell

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FREE Bonuses worth ₹23,590/-

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*Kindly Do not apply if you are a Trainer, Coach or Healer.

Designed with my 10 years of experience as NLP Coach and Law of Attraction Trainer, This Program will give you MIND EXPANDING TOOLS for Extraordinary Life in just 21 DAYS!

Get Free Bonuses Worth ₹23,590/-
Hurry! Offer Ends in...


Sunday, Jan 29, 2023

real people
real changes


4 Modules>> Instant Access to all the Tools , Growth WhatsApp Mentoring, Fortnightly Live Sessions, Audios, Videos, Recordings and Printables >>This Workshop is specially designed for busy people, even full time employees.

Instant Access

You will get instant access to all the learning, growth tools, ebooks, recording & workbooks.

WhatsApp Mentoring

24/7 hands holdings to inspire you break your old limiting belief about money, health and relationship. 

Live Sessions

There will be  live doubt clearing sessions every fortnight – at the beginning and towards the end of the workshop.

Audios, Video, Recording & Printables

This Life Changing workbook, ebooks & Recordings will be a game changer in your life. Access it at your own ease everyday.

Enroll NOW Get Lifetime FREE Access to these bonuses




✔️ The Magic
✔️ The Power
✔️ As a Man Thinketh
✔️ The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Today you get it FREE with lifetime access.


21 Day Workshop


✔️ Transformational Workbook
✔️ Health Modules
✔️ Relationship Modules
✔️ Money Modules
✔️ Affirmations

This is something which we tag it as priceless.


Movies Ebook


✔️ The Secret
✔️ The Matrix




✔️ Early Morning New Affirmation Reaching in your Whatsapp

real people
real changes

Meet Your Coach
Yashica Jalhotra

⚡ International NLP Trainer & Coach

⚡ 1 Bestselling Author

⚡ Influencer and Motivational Speaker

⚡ Renowned Law of Attraction Expert

⚡ Founder of Quantum of Happiness

⚡ Named among Top 15 Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR

⚡ Among India’s first Online Workshop Curator on Personal Development

⚡ Featured in Forbes, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Yahoo!, Ibtimes etc

Hey, Thank You for reading about me!

I have helped more than 7300+ people transform their Health, Relationships,
and Financial Statuses through my Workshops, Live Coaching, and Online

The Tools and Sessions that I’ll be sharing in the 21 Day Transformational
Program are the same ones that I’ve been using for 10 years.

The same formula has helped me to scale my living from an emotionally
and financially broke person to now running a 7-figure business.

These same tools have also helped my mentees to achieve desired jobs, get
promotions, change their mindset, attract unexpected money, and live in an
abundant world.

But wait. How will it happen?

In this 21 Day Journey with me, you will receive lots of guided tools & techniques
to break your old limiting beliefs about Money, Health, Relationship, and Wealth.

And you Start Manifesting and Attract 10x Growth in your Financial and Personal Life.

Remember: Your Mindset is Your Responsibility!

Much Love and Gratitude,


1 Years
Years Of Experience
1 +
Lives Transformed
1 +

As seen in

real people
real changes

“Every task designed by Yashica Mam are so amazing.Anyone  wiling to join should not give it a second thought it’s just amazing!!!”
“I have attended a lot of programs in my life but the effort Yashica ma’am puts into her students inside the 21 days program is amazing”

Special Price


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The PROGRAM will include Teachings, Practical Learnings, Tasks, Live Sessions, Q/A, and other resources all aiming to ACTIVATE your SPIRITUAL and MONEY ENERGIES.

These 9 elements is all it takes, to rewire your life within this shortest time, and this is why I created this 90 DAY WORKSHOP for you!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a continuous 21 day journey, in which you will be given access to your personal dashboard where Guided Audio Podcast will be added for you on daily basis. You will listen it at your own comfort and Time and do the Task/Process as guided. As you do the task, you will Reprogram your Mind and Change your Perception towards things, persons and experiences occurred in your life.

Dashboard is a website portal where you will find all the tasks, sessions and workbook material. You just need to login with the credentials given to you.

No, LIVE Masterclass will take place on Sundays only at 7 pm on the Day1 & Day 21 of this workshop.

You need to give just 15-20 minutes of your time on daily basis. There are no rules for timings and place. You just need to click the given link and you are ready to enjoy the program at Anytime from Anywhere.

Yes. In order to align with your desires and manifest them faster in your life, It is highly recommended to do the Task and Technique of the Day. You will find Huge Transformation happening inside you- but that will happen only when you actually do the task.

Though the tasks and techniques created to Reprogram your Subconscious are very simple and easy to do, but in case of any query you can always get back to us.

The program will help you at 2 Levels- While at Subconscious Level, It will help you eliminate limiting Beliefs/Memories about Money and instill the new positive patterns and new way of life. At the same time the program will help work at your Conscious Levels and help you create desirable goals and work for them till you Manifest them.

No. This program is meant for your own Personal Development through which you can Fine Tune Your Own Destiny. This program doesn’t certify you to become a Practitioner or a Coach

Oh yes! Thousands of our participants have got miraculous results in not only learning how to live a stress free and happy life but have also manifested their desires like unexpected money, new opportunities, disease free and fit body, desired life partner, glowing skin– just few to mention

Though the program duration is 21 days, but we give 10 days extra time. So, the program link is available to you for a complete month.

It’s a Live + Online action based workshop.

There will be 2 Live Masterclasses at Day1 and Day21, Sunday’s of this workshop.

Rest you will get recorded mind programming sessions in the dashboard that you can listen and enjoy at anytime from anywhere.

You will also get notified in the WhatsApp Mentoring Group about the daily activities.

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