90-Day Breakthrough

Spiritual & Financial Activation


I’m so thrilled right now while writing this to you!

This year has already given us a lot of challenges, few pains, a lot of learnings and also an awakening-

The awakening that we can accomplish more than what we expect from ourselves.

And this we can do by changing our mindsets accordingly.

A little change in the mind can give a big gain in the life.

This we have already seen happening in the lives of thousands of our mentees for which I want to express my Gratitude to you as I keep on getting these messages and I feel grateful.

I again want to express my thanks to you as I keep on getting these messages and I feel grateful.

“Yashica changed my life totally”

Said a mentee after attending one of my sessions of the 21 day programme.

He went on to become a 🏋️‍♂️ Premier Athlete, 💪 Ironman Winner and🏃 a Marathon Runner.

I never thought the 21 Day Program would be such a success!!

The above example is just one of the messages, I receive 100’s of them every day.

If someone asked me what fulfillment meant to me, I’d show these messages 

It was so pleasing to see that people healed themselves and got rid of terrible conditions that too without medicine, just like I did.

The students who attended 21 Day Program also reported the program helped them to-

👉 Get promotion

👉 Multiply their Profits

👉 Attract the Right Partner

👉 Lose Weight and Heal

👉 Find their passion, and a lot more.

Looking at these astounding results my students were getting with just 21 Days of mentoring, I just wonder what they are going to achieve in the 90 Day Program!

This year is the beginning of a new decade, and I am determined to help more people like you to achieve their dreams.

So, I have decided to spend more time with my mentees, give them more of what I know and acquire 🙂

Hence I have created
The Ultimate Mind Hack System which is the collection of years of my learnings, trainings and guidance into an exquisite 3-month program.

And, I’m so happy to say that along with super engaging and high value stuff like

  • Webinars
  • Fortnight LIVE Sessions
  • New Manifestations Techniques & Tools
  • Audient Systems
  • 90 Days 24×7 WhatsApp Mentoring & Hand Holding.
  • 🎟️FREE PASS to my Bestselling 21 Day Program

Sneak Peek Inside the ADVANCE PROGRAM:

✅ Dent Money Limiting Beliefs
✅ Cleansing Money Jealousy
✅ Use your energy to Attract Right people for Business and Financial Growth
✅ Activate Happiness Chakra
✅ Let go of the Stress
✅ Remove Future Fears
✅ Money Attraction Tools
✅ Shopping with the Universe
✅ Prosperity Gratitude
✅ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
✅ Daily Affirmations
✅ Daily Oath of Manifestation
✅ Happiness Boosters
✅ Ho’oponopono

These are just a few Techniques, there is & much much many more available or will be added on the Advance Program dashboard.

Updated Technologies, Life Changing Techniques, Mind Bending Exercises and a lot more are the add ons.

The Ultimate Mind Hack System will be pouring prosperity in your life.

Are you ready to make 2021 the year when you redeem yourself along with some amazing people doing it together with you?

Program Details 


A Gift of 90 Days

FROM you TO your own Life.

The 3 MONTH ADVANCE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM will include Teachings, Practical Learnings, Tasks, Live Sessions, Q/A, and other resources all aiming to ACTIVATE your SPIRITUAL and MONEY ENERGIES.

Have a glimpse of what this program has to offer and the sheer amount of value,

Value you get in the Program

Live Webinars - Value Rs. 12,000

Audio Podcasts - Value Rs. 12,000

Video Sessions - Value Rs. 5,500

Money Meditations - Value Rs. 1,000

Printable Materials - Value Rs 1,000

Instant Whatsapp Support System - (Invaluable)

Get Downloadable Worksheets - Value Rs. 2,000

Money Manifestation Audit- Value Rs. 1,500

Certification - (Invaluable)



21 Day Mind Programming Workshop

90 Day Access

e-books & Movies

Permanent Access to Resource Library of Mind Programming e-books and movies

TOTAL VALUE - 1,28,648/-

 Special offer 

You can enroll for The Ultimate Mindhack System for only 

35,000/- (Exclusive Offer)

P S – Out of 25, 21 spots have already been taken

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Get ready for the Breakthrough As I am going to extensively interact with everyone in this program in LIVE mode fashion, as well, the seats will be kept LIMITED.

So, are you ready to punch your problems in the face and start the decade with a bang? 

Get my personal practices, techniques, affirmations and meditation which I have been using and which made me what I am today.

P S S – If you are determined to STOP your habit of postponing, you need to start from here. Don’t postpone your chance to achieve your resolutions this year.

A sneak Peak into one of the Modules

many people Transformed their Life
NOW its your CHANCE

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