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Got to have two sources of income when he was on the verge of losing his job. He was working on project basis and was about to lose his job but surprisingly after getting enrolled into 21 day mind programming techniques he got a project for two long years and also set up a small business of his own.

Before joining the program I used to feel anxious about what the future holds but during the sessions I was transformed and renewed with a sense of purpose and security. The program acted as an antidote to stress.

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Now Read His Story in his own words.

How 21 day program help me build my own business and secure my job which I was about to lose…


I am Aakash,

The 21 Day mind programming techniques did miracle in my life and I considered this opportunity better than gold as it has totally transformed my life. I learned about money attracting techniques and mind programming techniques which helped me in my total well-being and has not only given me peace of mind but also extra money flowing into my account each day, each week and each month now

I was totally depressed, stressed and became a paranoid as I was about to lose my job. I was working on temporary basis and since July 2018 I had no project to work on. I was becoming a burden on my company rather than an asset. I came to know that December 2018 will going to be my last month in the office.

As for everyone losing the job is very hard. Whether it has everything to do with your performance, your work ability or nothing at all, it’s still very hard.

I was looking at job loss, like a big setback. Even I was trying to find new opportunities I got failed again and again as my confidence level was totally shattered.

Coincidentally, one morning, I happened to have breakfast with a close friend and shared my story. He promptly and positively showed me a webpage talking about transformational mind program. He told me that one of his friends had sought help from the same and he is totally a new person now.

The same day I enquired about the program and got enrolled into the same.

During the first part of the program, everyday I learnt and practiced subconscious mind programming techniques for my well being and health. The first section was an eye opener to me. The activity of the first day itself was mind blowing.

The second part led to many unknown and new techniques for relationship healing. And the best part about this section was that for the first time in my life I got connected with myself, I started loving myself, what else, I created a brand new identity for myself.

The third and the last week of this online program opened the magical box of many Money Mastery Techniques. Never in my life I could gather so much of positive energy. I started feeling abundant, wealthy and awesome and gradually I attracted the same too.

I learned to manifest my desires. The program gave me a direction, a routine to follow and I suddenly started gaining positivity all around me.

During the course of program I started regaining my professional identity and planned to set up a small business. Within a span of 10 days I launched my small business unit which I manifested and even got a project for two long years to work on which I had never got in my career of 10 years!!

Suddenly there is a spurt of self-esteem and self-confidence.

I really don’t know how to thank Yashica mam for empowering me on professional front and making me believe in me.

The transformational program acted as an antidote to stress. I can assure anybody out there that nothing works better as calming your mind than taking a dose of this 21 day transformational program

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The 2nd Week of the 21-Day  program Involves Re-imprinting at deep subconscious levels to heal existing relationships, attract more love and foremost, develop the habit of self love to Stay in Joyous and Healthy RELATIONSHIPS


Do you know most of the diseases you experience in life are psychosomatic? Get daily podcasts for the tools and tasks to empower your mind and emotions to control disease & Live in a Healthy body with a Healthy Soul

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​Duration : ​20th March to 09th April

Note:  This Program is NOT for Coaches and Trainers

Program Schedule

Day 1 :

How to Use Power of Gratitude to create Healthy Hormones in your body?

Day 2:

Use this Powerful Subconscious Programming Technique to Align your Mind with your Desired Health

Day 3:

Influence your Mind Step by Step with these repetitive Auto Suggestions

Day 4:

Goal Setting and Goal Card for your Perfect Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

Day 5:

How to use Your Heal Goal Card to Imprint this new vision on your Mind

Day 6:

Break Limiting Health Beliefs with this most powerful Mind Programming Process + Health Affirmations (Commands)

Day 7:

Deep Subconscious Reimprinting Session on Health + Use of Health Goal Card

Day 8:

Connect with your own self deeply. Fill your internal reservoir with Self Love + Subconscious Installations.

Day 9:

Mind Programming for your deepest relationship desires

Day 10:

Getting ready for Relationship Goals

Day 11:

Tuning your Frequency for Love

Day 12:

Heal Pain in Relationships with this tool + Goal cards

Day 13:

Learn to fill your Love Tank to the fullest

Day 14:

How to catch the Love Signals sent by the Universe?

Day 15:

Find your Deepest Desires for money and prosperity

Day 16:

How to change the energy of Money your body and mind + Money Affirmations

Day 17:

Use this process to unblock your channels of Money + Money Goal Card

Day 18:

How to Allign and activate your each body cell with Money Vibrations?

Day 19:

Get rid of Negative Thoughts and Beliefs about Money

Day 20:

Reimprint Success and Prosperity on your Subconscious

Day 21:

Powerful Subconscious Programming Technique to Align your Mind with your Money Goals


1. How this Program works?
This is a continuous 21 day journey, in which you will be given access to your personal dashboard where Guided Audio Podcast will be added for you on daily basis. You will listen it at your own comfort and Time and do the Task/Process as guided. As you do the task, you will Reprogram your Mind and Change your Perception towards things, persons and experiences occurred in your life.

2. How much time do I need to spare on daily basis? Do I have to fix any timing or place for it?
You need to give just 15-20 minutes of your time on daily basis. There are no rules for timings and place. You just need to click the given link and you are ready to enjoy the program at Anytime from Anywhere.

3. Is it important to do the tasks or techniques given by you?
Yes. In order to align with your desires and manifest them faster in your life, It is highly recommended to do the Task and Technique of the Day. You will find Huge Transformation happening inside you- but that will happen only when you actually do the task.

4. What if I have any query about the technique or task?
Though the tasks and techniques created to Reprogram your Subconscious are very simple and easy to do, but in case of any query you can always get back to us.

4. How will this program help me?
The program will help you at 2 Levels- While at Subconscious Level, It will help you eliminate limiting Beliefs/Memories about Money, Health and Relationship instill the new positive patterns and new way of life. At the same time the program will help work at your Conscious Levels and help you create desirable goals and work for them till you Manifest them.

5. Will I become Practitioner or Coach after doing this program?
No. This program is meant for your own Personal Development through which you can Fine Tune Your Own Destiny. This program doesn’t certify you to become a Practitioner or a Coach.

6. Did this Program ever benefit anyone?

Oh yes! Thousands of our participants have got miraculous results in not only learning how to live a stress free and happy life but have also manifested their desires like unexpected money, new opportunities, disease free and fit body, desired life partner, glowing skin-- just few to mention. Read More

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