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Hi, I’m Yashica Journalist turned Transformational Life Coach.

I help people Manifest Their Desired Lives

My mission is to help millions of people realize their True Potential, Rewrite their Destiny and get rid of Subconscious blockages which hold them back.

I am founder of Quantum of Happiness and have trained thousands of people all around the world through Online, WhatsApp & Live Programs and Sessions.



Book Of Manifestations

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This book is not your typical theoretical, motivational or self help book that you will read and keep aside. This book is a Practical Step by Step Guide for you to follow and transform your life in just 21 days like other thousands of people across the globe who by joining 21-Day Transformational Program followed the same principles mentioned in this book and are now manifesting their Dream Life!


Case Studies

Experience of Rupal

Experience of Rakesh

Experience of Satish


Discover how NLP, Law of attractions play vital role in our lives

5 Quick Steps to Stay Happy

5 Quick Steps to Stay Happy

Watch These 5 Steps to Remain Happy. 5  Quick Tips to Stay Happy All The Time. Love yourself unconditionally as nobody is perfect. Say No to negative news as

21 Reasons to join 21 Day Program

21 Reasons to join 21 Day Program

21 Reasons to join 21Day Mind Programming Workshop Today Every day we witness a number of opportunities, but not all opportunities are equal. Especially my 21Day Mind Programming Workshop. Today

Your Mind and the Immune System

Your Mind and the Immune System

Your Mind and the Immune System University of Virginia’s School of Medicine made the stunning discovery. Researchers have determined that there is a direct correlation between the brain and the immune

science behind gratitude

what is nlp?

meditation is science. really? how?


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