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21 Laws to Manifest the life you Desire

Crack the Scientific Code in 21 Days


Yashica Jalhotra

NLP Trainer | Author | Life Coach 

Entrepreneur | Founder | LOA Expert

About Author

NLP Coach, MotivationaI Speaker, Law of Attraction Expert, Journalist and Founder, Quantum of Happiness, Yashica has helped thousands of people around the globe transform their health, relationships and financial statuses through her live events, workshops, personal coaching and Whatsapp programs. She has touched more than 1000000’s of lives through her seminars, workshops and other talks. Her Workshops, Programs and Sessions combine Scientific Mind Programming tools & techniques, very deep and relaxed Meditations, and many other proven processes and applications to help you reach at the desired state of your life. Her firm grip in the Power of Human Mind and Laws of the Universe has benefited thousands of people from all strata of life.

About the BOOK

In this book, author shares her learnings and transformation with one single aim, that is to help millions of her readers to program their Subconscious Mind for Great Health, Abundance of Money and Most Loving Relationships so that, like her, they can also transform their lives forever.

She has carefully crafted this book for the people who are looking for that one life changing moment. People who are looking to take charge of their lives leaving behind all the excuses, drama and hustle of their lives, people who want to know the secrets of how many others who have become successful and how they can also succeed in all areas of their life too. If you are one of them, then this book is for you!

Author “Yashica Jalhotra” has spent thousands of dollars and hours learning the Most Scientific & Proven Tools of Human Development, which she is sharing with you through this book. This book is not your typical theoretical, motivational or self help book that you will read and keep aside. This book is a Practical Step by Step Guide for you to follow and transform your life in just 21 days like other thousands of people across the globe who by joining 21-Day Transformational Program followed the same principles mentioned in this book and are now manifesting their Dream Life!

Here’s What You Will Get Inside

How This Book Will Help You

The book if used properly, is going to help you at 2 Levels

At Subconscious Levels , It will help you eliminate limiting Beliefs & Memories about Money, Health and Relationship, not only this, you will also get guided Tasks & Techniques to instill new Positive Patterns and Behaviours at your Subconscious Levels. At Conscious Levels the book will help you create desirable goals and work for them till you actually Manifest them in your life.

Experience Neurological changes with practical tools

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Law of Attraction
Meditation & Correct Mindset

In these 21 Days, you will finally have a roadmap to

Rewire your Subconscious
Change your thought patterns
Achieve your goals
Claim your utmost potential
Find the purpose of your Life
Manifest your Desires


21 Laws to Manifest the life you Desire

Crack the Scientific Code in 21 Days

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