7 Secrets to Manifest More Money

Manifest means to show something clearly for notice through signs and actions. Everybody needs more money but some people do manifest it quicker than the others. It is their ability to command money which shows that they are an absolute money manifesto.It is said that our thoughts become things it means that if we think about anything, we can hold it in our hand. On the other hand, taking negative thoughts to the mind will only fetch negative results
1. Creating a 3-D Vision Board

This is inspired by Murray Diamond from “The Secret”. This helps in amplifying your feelings regarding those things. For many, an idea of a 3D vision board will be to have a stash of cash on your table or a print out of a check or a bank statement. So, everything is real for you, you can see it all the time. You may not have much cash, but it doesn’t matter at all. Just take all the cash you have and put it all around everywhere around your house so you can see it rather having a vision of it in your head. You can also buy Gold or Diamonds or at least things which look like they are real gold or diamond. Basically, it doesn’t have to be real but it must just look real. So, whenever you see it, you will feel wealthy cause that feeling of seeing it is like acting as if you have it already which works with the universal laws of attraction and it holds that vibration every time you see it.

2. Surround Yourself with Wealth Vibrational Frequencies

There is a saying which goes like Your network is equal to Your net worth. Everyone who is wealthy holds a wealth vibration frequency. Say, if you hang out with someone wealthy people within their energy field, you can match up and start catching up with all those around you of that vibration. Just by merely surrounding yourself naturally, your thinking, your beliefs, and your actions will start to change very organically. So, get yourself into a circle of people with more money.

3. Internal Dialogue Awareness

This simply means we need to be aware of our internal dialogue. The most common problem is that a lot of people’s internal dialogues are saying things like “I’m really broke right now.”, “Why I am always broken?” or “I don’t have the money right now.” Some might say that we need to say we’re struggling if we are struggling. But according to the laws of attraction, if you are struggling and say the same, you are magnifying that vibrational frequency of being poor or being a failure. You need to remember that whatever you focus on it will expand. But sometimes it’s still in your mind subconsciously. Hence it is important for you to be aware of what you’re thinking internally. When you find yourself saying negative things, you need to internally shift that by doing a pattern interrupt. Use something that shocks your system so you will automatically know that next time it will be brought to your attention immediately and you cut it out before you add emotion to it.

4. Begin to Smell Money You Have

You’ve most likely smelled money at some point in your life. It has a distinctive odor that you don’t find elsewhere. Smelling money puts you in vibrational orientation with money. When you smell money, you don’t just smell it but you realize it. Smell money with the realization that you already have a lot of money which belongs solely to you. You aren’t smelling it to manifest money. You’re smelling it because you already have manifested a remarkable wealth.

5. Start loving Money

You will find people feeling frustrated, disappointed, sad and fearful about money very often. But money is all about bliss, love, and joy. Thinking this way is a simple practice that changes your feelings about money. It quickly shifts you from pushing money away to in order to to permit it into your life. All you must do is make a list of why you love money. Like, I love money because it helps me pay my phone bills, helps me to travel where I want to, allows me to do charity works etc.Show your money how much you love it by taking care of it smoothly.

6. Deciding How Much Money You Need

“Need” is not “want”. Because if you think about what exactly you need money for, you may realize that you don’t need lakhs of rupees, you need a very specific sum of money.How much money do you require per month/a year? What will you spend it on? So, take some time to think it out and make a spreadsheet, come up with a specific number and make a note of it.

7. Being Grateful for The Money You Already Have

Each person’s reasons for gratitude towards the money they have will be different. The crucial part is just to make a clear connection between your longing to make money and your conception of money as a positive force in the world. For example, you can try keeping a gratitude journal and regularly jot down the benefits you’ve enjoyed because of the money you’ve had.  

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